July 4th Kids’ Lesson Specials

July 4 is just two weeks away.  Most of us will be putting out greatest efforts into using this FREEDOM holiday to present the marvelous message of TRUE FREEDOM – Salvation through Christ – on July 1st – 4th

Here are 2 TREMENDOUS 1-Day Lessons that will truly minister to your kids!

FREEDOM JEOPARDY is a wonderfully interactive lesson designed around the ALL-TIME CLASSIC TV show, Jeopardy.

The game board is divided into four categories:
-the Problem (which is slavery to sin)
-the Beginning (how sin entered the world)
-the Answer (God’s Great Plan of Salvation through Christ)
-the Action (what we must do to be set FREE from sin)

Bonus Features for YOU as the leader:  This lesson can be done with or without PowerPoint, inside or outside, and needs almost no preparation!

FREEDOM JEOPARDY is only $8.30 during CMT’s 17th Anniversary Celebration

The COVENANT OF FREEDOM lesson helps your kids choose God’s established covenant of freedom for their lives. They will discover that this freedom comes with the purpose of then freeing others from their misfortune. Your kids will explore seven ways taught through scripture to continue your walk of faith in this new life of freedom in Christ Jesus.

Super Special Feature: This 1-Day lesson also includes the “Great Escape” Gospel Magic presentation based on an escape routine that has been performed throughout the world!

COVENANT OF FREEDOM is only $8.30 during CMT’s 17th Anniversary Celebration

If you need something a little shorter than a full kids’ worship service like the two above, the “Great Escape” lesson is perfect!  It gives you the opportunity for a POWERFUL SALVATION INVITATION.  It includes audience participation.  It is very quick to set up.  It uses no special gimmicks or sleight of hand.  All you need is a sheet, a rope, and a chair!  Anyone can do this extraordinary effect!

The GREAT ESCAPE is less than $3.50 during CMT’s 17th Anniversary Celebration

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