Independence thru Dependence

We are entering a week of celebrating ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘INDEPENDENCE.’  Did you know that the greatest ‘INDEPENDENCE’ is experienced through ‘TOTAL DEPENDENCE’?  It is true.  As you and I place our lives in total dependence into God’s hands, we discover the greatest freedom and liberty available to mankind.

This way of thinking seems so contradictory to man’s reasoning.  Still, consider that God’s ways are higher than our ways.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  As we rely totally and completely upon Him, we release our cares, concerns, and desires into His hands.  We allow Him to wonderfully move in our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

During this week of celebrating freedom, celebrate your freedom through worshiping your God and committing to total dependence on Him!  Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

Pray over your family.  Pray over your city.  Pray over your nation.  Let’s unite in prayer, acknowledging our total dependence upon God.  Believe for His hand to freely and mightily move in our world again.  May our total dependence bring true, everlasting freedom.

Pastor Gary

3 Highlights from last week’s July 4th Lessons eNews

FREEDOM JEOPARDY is a wonderfully interactive lesson designed around the ALL-TIME CLASSIC TV show, Jeopardy.  Bonus Features for YOU as the leader:  This lesson can be done with or without PowerPoint, inside or outside, and needs almost no preparation!

The COVENANT OF FREEDOM lesson helps your kids choose God’s established covenant of freedom for their lives. Super Special Feature: This 1-Day lesson also includes the “Great Escape” Gospel Magic presentation based on an escape routine that has been performed throughout the world!

If you need something a little shorter than a full kids’ worship service like the two above, the “Great Escape” lesson is perfect!  It gives you the opportunity for a POWERFUL SALVATION INVITATION.

SPECIAL NOTE:  During CMT’s 17th Anniversary Celebration
GREAT ESCAPE is less than $3.50
 is only $8.30
 is only $8.30