What Are You Asking God For?

Have you ever felt like singing the lyrics “Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody”? You may have a need this day that is pressing in on you. I want to remind you that God is your Source.  He will supply what you need!  He may work through a variety of people or circumstances, but He will be the Motivator behind bringing your supply to you.

Still, you may be feeling as though there is something you need to do to help the situation along.  There is!  As we look into Matthew 7, we quickly focus upon three words, “Ask, Seek, and Knock.”  That is usually where we stop, yet there is one more major principle God desires for us to implement in our lives which opens the doors for our needs to be met.

I invite you to listen to a 22 minute podcast titled “The Law of Prescriptive Usage” which explores your involvement in seeing your needs met and reaffirms that “Yes! God will!” bring the answers you need.

This new podcast is at:  http://garylinn.com/296/the-law-of-prescriptive-usage/

-Pastor Gary

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