New LOUD Fall Fest Event!

This could be the loudest church event you have ever had!

Loudness, fun, and excitement go together in your kids’ view of an amazing Fall Fest Event! This “Why Scream When You Can Shout!?!” Fall Fest Service & Event Day Combo is your opportunity to give your kids all the loudness, fun, and excitement they expect and desire while you effectively accomplish the eternal purposes of revealing how they can live a winning life in Christ!

The lesson focus comes from the idea that there is a difference between screaming and shouting. You

-“Scream” when you believe that you are defeated or
-“Shout” when you know that you have won!

1 Corinthians 15:57 says that each believer has already “won” through Jesus! Why, then, do we see so many Christian kids (and adults) become fearful or defeated? Because they do not know how to live life with Jesus! This fantastic Fall Fest event/party experience will not only make your kids SHOUT with excitement but SHOUT with joy as they discover 5 kid-relevant ways to win everyday by living life with Jesus!

“Why Scream When You Can Shout!?!” Fall Fest Service & Event Day Combo is:

–flexible for your group size
–adjustable in time length
–relevant to churched or non-churched kids
–can be done as a super-exciting stand alone kids’ service
–includes instructions for over 20 carnival-style games to complete a full 2-3 hour Fall Fest Outreach event

Why Scream when you can SHOUT