2 Things from Pastor Gary- To Read Today

2 Things in This CMT eNews – Something I want you to know BEFORE Sunday! & Something I really want to say to you!

Here’s What I Want to Say to YOU!

Just moments ago, prior to writing this email, I prayed for you!  Be encouraged to know that Alisa and I pray for you!  We pray for you to “be complete and proficient, well-fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work.”  We pray for your health, success, joy, peace, and wisdom.  We pray for you to ‘Experience God’s Greatness’ in your life and ministry TODAY!  We pray because we care!  If you ever want us to agree with you in prayer for something specific, please feel free to write us!

With Love, Pastor Gary & Alisa


Here’s What I Want You To Know BEFORE Sunday!

For the FIRST TIME EVER! We have BUNDLED CMT’s THANKSGIVING Lessons, Games, and Kids’ Worship Services into “1” TRULY REMARKABLE assortment at “1” INCREDIBLY LOW DONATION that definitely will have you giving “THANKS!”

BOTTOM LINE – only $15 will get you over $107 of Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving Lessons!

In keeping with the tradition of Thanksgiving, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH in this Cornucopia of Kids’ Ministry Goodies!

–Something for Everyone!
–Lessons, Games, Complete Services, MORE!
–So much, you’re bound to have leftovers for use for weeks to come!  (-These leftovers stay fresh and everybody enjoys them!)

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Remember, just for a few days$15 will get you over $107 of Kids’ Ministry Resources!

– Pastor Gary

(PS – You also get the NEW “No Fear Here!” Gospel Magic Lesson as a FREE BONUS!  -GREAT FOR Fall Fest Events OR Any Weekly Service!)

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