Are You Enjoying What You Are Doing?

When answering the question posed as the title of this Memo for Ministry, we may begin to think in terms as to whether we are having fun in what we do. For example, was it ‘fun’ to minister with the children this past week? Or, was it exciting and a thrill to preach last Sunday? Or, did you feel a sense of great accomplishment after organizing the upcoming outreach?

But, here is what I wish for you to consider when answering the question, “Are you enjoying what you are doing?” Consider Genesis chapter 1. After each phase of creation, God took the time to appreciate, enjoy, what He had just created. He records in Scripture that He said to Himself, “It is good” as He took the time to enjoy what He had just finished doing.

An example that almost immediately came to my mind as I was preparing to write was mowing the lawn. Most of the time after I finish mowing, edging, and trimming the lawn, I will often fill a large glass with iced tea and walk back outside to appreciate what I just finished doing.

Moreover, just earlier today I took time to peruse through all of the CMT websites, appreciating the new looks, designs, and resources we have been diligently working on for the past months.

When you begin to make the time to “ENJOY” what you are doing, you will also begin to experience a renewed strength, focus, and direction. After all, doesn’t Scripture clearly tell us that joy for the Lord brings strength? Your joy level is directly connected to your strength level. Your joy spurs on creativity. Your joy impacts your effectiveness.

So, make the time to “ENJOY” what you are doing in your life and ministry!

-Pastor Gary

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