Thankfulness: Moving Beyond the Emotion

Thankfulness is more than just an emotion.  Thankfulness is more than a mindset.  True thankfulness is when you demonstratively express your assurance and hope in God’s power and greatness!  Are you living your life in a way that demonstrates thankfulness for the assurance and hope you have in God? When you and I move beyond a solely emotional expression of appreciation to the more genuine expression of thankfulness—one demonstrated through our daily lives, we experience an inexpressible peace and joy from having a thankfulness deeply rooted and established within our spirits.

True thankfulness also has a prevailing impact upon the lives of those around us.  For, as we demonstrate thankfulness from our spirits, those around us encounter the astounding power of God’s love in a way that simply cannot be discredited.  Your life of demonstrated thankfulness will open the way for others to experience God’s love in their lives.  Yes, let’s be thankful!  Moreover, let’s purpose to demonstrate our thankfulness through the power of God’s love!

Alisa and I are most sincerely thankful for YOU!  We are profoundly grateful to our Heavenly Father for this remarkable opportunity to share in ministry with you!  We pray over you, your ministry, and those to whom you minister.  May you intensely experience the power of God’s love and loving kindness!

Love, Pastor Gary

(Thank you for joining us in ministry!  Thank you for the wonderful insights you share with us as you use the resources from our websites!  Thank you for holding us up in your prayers and supporting all God has called us to do!)

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