‘Laser Lights’ of Life

A few years back, Alisa and I rescued three kittens, Missie, Munchkin, & Marcus.  Watching these cute little characters can often bring forth lessons for life.  For example, an interestingly fun time is when we go to put them into their room at night and, for some reason or another, one of them decides they do not want to go to bed.  We have discovered that a little laser light will bring them running and create a distraction to where we can catch them to put them to bed.

Many times, the enemy of your soul will use the ‘laser lights’ of your life to distract you; especially during hurried times such as this holiday season.  We must diligently be aware and spiritually sensitive to all that is taking place in our lives and around us.  May you be led by God’s Holy Spirit and not distracted by the ‘laser lights’ of life.

-Pastor Gary

Great News- 3 Gift Lessons for Your Kidmin!
Here are 3 Gift Lessons with 3 Kid-Relevant Challenges from Scripture you can give your kids as you begin a NEW YEAR!  Right now, they are FREE when you purchase anything from CMT’s site!

The Quest for God Trilogy are 3 services to challenge your kids for the New Year that are styled like computer epic games!  You can download them within moments of picking out any other resource, game, or lesson from CMT!  Simply check your email box for a confirmation email from estore@childrensministry.org with the link for your free lessons.

Just look around your world today.  How many youth are sincerely falling in love with God?  It’s a strong challenge for youth leaders all across this globe to consider – “Do you kids love church? or Do they love God?”

True, the two can go hand in hand, but it can also be that kids love being at church but never fall in love with God through knowing Christ.

Here are three lessons:

  • “Quest to Love God,”
  • “Quest for God’s Presence,” and
  • “Quest for the Kingdom of God”

that will equip you to lead your kids to new levels in their relationship to Christ as part of their resolutions to grow in the New Year!

All three lessons are creatively and uniquely designed in PowerPoint much like a modern PC games with story lines.  Yes, you will need PowerPoint and your kids will be enthralled as you explore these 3 POWERFUL sessions!

Thanks again for joining us in ministry and being a vital part of reaching today’s generation!

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