Discovering God’s Covenant of Love – Service Kit

Special Announcement about NEW Kids’ Worship Service!

What is included?
– Full Worship Service Lesson featuring 7 Scriptures, 6 Group Activities, 2 Object Lessons, 1 Skit Lesson, Review Questions, Rebus Scripture Picture Puzzle Verse

– 2 PowerPoint Presentations

– (NEW FEATURE) Parent Take-Home Discussion Guide

– (NEW FEATURE) Full Set of Images for MediaShout, EasyWorship, etc…

What is the service about?
God tells us 7 times that He has made a COVENANT of LOVE with us. This service kit helps kids discover this great message of God’s covenant of love with us! In His covenant, He promises to always love us and never forsake us. It is an unbreakable, never-ending guarantee to give us His love. He wants us to live our lives filled with His love. Your kids will realize that their part of this covenant is to wholeheartedly seek after God, love Him, and live life in His covenant of love!

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  1. berbs villadares says:

    Dear Pastor

    Greetings in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,

    By the way im so happy to introduce my self,my family and my pastor Berbs villadares and my wife is Liberty villadares and we” re bless with one daugther her name is Christine bianca and one son and his name is Christopher. me and my wife is both committed and full time in the ministry, we have a heart to serve the Lord.Our ministry located in the Philippines..

    We are praying for you, your family and your ministry as well, we are praying also that the Lord will open the door for you to come and be a part of our great harvest and we are very excited to hear from you about your personal and ministry experience,because i believe that is a great encouragements for us.

    We love you all and we are always keeping in our prayer that you are always in good health as you are doing the Work of the Lord over your country…

    Serving Together
    Berbs and FAmily

    1. Pastor Gary says:

      Thank you, Berbs. Be blessed in your ministry! May God continue to enlarge your territory of impact and outreach for His work!