You Are Created for Greater Things

As this past year ended, I received a powerful word from God for our church to declare 2013 as a ‘Year of Greater Things!’  While in prayer over this eNews to you, God impressed upon my spirit to begin sharing with you certain portions of what He is sharing with us.  I pray for your spirit to leap within you as God reminds you today that YOU are CREATED for GREATER THINGS!  Yes, you are created for more than just the good things of this world; you are created for the “GREATER THINGS” of God in this world!

As Ephesians 2:10 says, you are ‘God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works!  Have you ever thought about those good works?  Christ says to you in John 14:12 that you will do the good works that He has done while on the earth, but then He continues to empower you by saying you will also do ‘even greater works.’

As you think on those two scriptures for a moment, also think about the next part of Ephesians 2:10 which says  that those works are ‘prepared by God in advance for you to do.’  Doesn’t that make you rejoice?  God knows the ‘Greater Things’ you can and will do!  He has already prepared them for you!  And, He has CREATED you in Christ Jesus to do them!

I will be sharing more on this topic with you in the upcoming days.  For now, read Ephesians 2:10 and John 14:12.  Maybe write them onto 3×5 cards and keep them where you will be reminded of these truths.

The work you are doing for our Lord and Savior is a GREAT WORK!  Be encouraged to keep it up, for the best is still coming!

-Pastor Gary

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