Are You Prepared?

We prepare for so many things in life.  We:

  • Prepare for Surgery
  • Prepare for an Interview
  • Prepare for Trouble
  • Prepare for Company
  • Prepare for the Big Game
  • Prepare for a Wedding
  • Prepare for a Funeral

Have you ever considered that God’s design is for you and I to “Prepare for Greater Things” in our lives?

From Genesis through Revelation, you will discover stories, exhortations, and illustrations of how “VITALLY IMPORTANT” it is that we PREPARE!

Many lives have floundered with uncertainty; many hearts have wavered in doubt; and many souls have been lost because God’s people simply did not prepare.

Let’s do our part in seeing God’s Word realized in our lives, our church, and our community.  Let’s PREPARE!

“Knowing that, in Christ, you are CREATED for greater things demands that you BELIEVE for greater things and develop a perspective of EXPECTING greater things which positions you to RECEIVE and ACHIEVE greater things through Christ Jesus as you PREPARE for greater things!”

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary

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