Key to Freshness in Ministry

Short Word of Challenge from Pastor Gary

Once, while studying the life of Jacob, I noticed a change that took place in his heart years after Jacob’s dream of a stairway reaching into Heaven.  When Jacob awoke from the vision of Heaven, he named the place Bethel, which means “House of God.”  But that was only the beginning of the story.  As with each of us, various situations continued to shape Jacob’s life.  His responses determined the value of the outcome.

In Genesis 35, God spoke to Jacob and called him to return to Bethel.  When Jacob returned, he built an altar and then called the place El Bethel, which means ‘God of the House of God.’  A remarkable change had taken place in Jacob’s life.  He was doing more than returning to a place.  Jacob was returning to God.

Often, we focus on memories that are highlights of past ministry.  We think of returning to a place, a work, a task, a ministry, or a call, but freshness doesn’t come from returning to a place.  Freshness in our spirit, in our ministry, in life comes from returning to God.

Let me symbolically challenge you to return to El Bethel, today!  Don’t just be involved in the responsibilities of God’s House. Return to the God of the House of God!  He is your utmost!  He is your sustaining purpose!  When you do, all else will come into place.

Pastor Gary

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