Your GREATER Possibilities!

I shared with you a few newsletters ago, “Life may not be easy, but it can be victorious!”  Your victory comes as you walk in the possibilities God has for you!  (Eph. 2:10) You are created in Christ for these possibilities!  God has already prepared the possibilities for you!  Christ told you that these possibilities would be even greater! (John 14:12)

I’d like to briefly remind you of this ‘life-statement’ God gave me earlier this year.  I pray it encourages and energizes you as you head into this weekend of ministry!

“Knowing that, in Christ, you are CREATED for greater things demands that you BELIEVE for greater things and develop a perspective of EXPECTING greater things which positions you to RECEIVE and ACHIEVE greater things through Christ Jesus as you PREPARE for greater things!”

-Pastor Gary

I also have these 2 key notes to pass along!

Let me share this answer with everyone at once–

Yes, this week’s automatic discount is for everything on the CMT site even though it features the Back-to-School kidmin services and games.  You can grab anything from the site and it automatically reduces the total when you go to process the download order.  This discount applies to everything at:

The second note is to remind you that we recently added several kidmin jobs to the site.