Screaming Kids (a good thing)

To scream or not to scream…

I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream…

Generally speaking, most of us do not enjoy to hear screaming kids.  Think about it.  One of the most frustrating sounds is hearing a group of screaming tots in the nursery.  But, what if you could turn that same energy from a negative emotion into one of the most powerful events your kids have ever experienced?

Alisa and I want to share with you a marvelously creative Fall Event Kit titled, “Why Scream When You Can SHOUT!”  It could very well be the LOUDEST church event you have ever had.  It’s a Fall Fest Kids’ Service AND Event Day Combo pack that empowers you to give your kids all of the loudness, fun, and excitement they expect and desire.  Best of all, it does so while you wonderfully instill the truth that they can live a winning life in Christ!

Here’s the part that will make you scream…..(wait for it)….. It’s a FREE GIFT when you pick up any other resource in CMT’s eStore

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