In today’s Word of Challenge, I am sharing with you a thought that can revitalize you and all you do!  It is a thought directly dealing with your ‘lifework.’  First, let’s answer the question, “What is lifework?”

Lifework – is the miraculous impact you are having in this world as you experience life and complete the work for which you have been set apart by God.

Let me draw your attention to the obvious fact that this unique compound word cannot exist without either of its two supporting words.  If you remove ‘life’ or ‘work,’ then you lose the power of its meaning.  Herein lies the truth for us: Can we truly be fulfilled in this world without endeavoring to be whom God has set us apart to be?

Let’s explore this line of reasoning.

Life + Work = Lifework: the fullness of who God has created you to be and to do

You cannot truly experience ‘life’ without accomplishing the ‘work’ God has ‘prepared in advance for you.’

You cannot accomplish the ‘work’ without experiencing true ‘life’ found only in Christ.

I strongly urge you that to consider that you cannot do the ‘work’ without first nourishing your ‘life’ in Christ!

Then again, when your life has been supernaturally refreshed in Christ’s presence and empowered by the same Spirit which raised Him from the dead, … your ‘work’ will be dynamically and miraculously impacted!

This brings me to ask you a question.  Have you been with Christ today for true ‘life’ to be imparted into you and all you do?

Just asking-

Pastor Gary

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