Conquering Your Present Fear

During this time of year in the US, we hear a lot on ‘fear.’  Yet, God repeatedly says to ‘not be afraid.’  Thinking of this topic, I recalled an article Alisa wrote that I wanted to share with you about your present fears, daily thoughts, and God’s truthfulness.

-from Alisa J. Linn –

I want to challenge you today regarding your present fears; in your process of “taking captive every thought” of fear (2 Cor.10:5), are you ensuring that your thoughts and actions line up with your belief that God is always truthful?

If I were to ask you if God’s Word is always true, you would not hesitate to say, “Yes!” Yet, ask yourself how many of your own thoughts and actions live out that belief. The level of fear you experience when facing the worries of this life proves how much you are living out your belief that God’s Word is true. God’s Word is so true, so dependable, such a firm foundation, that Romans 3:3 says, “What if some do not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness [cause God’s faithfulness to His Word to end]? Not at all!” Verse 4 goes on to proclaim, “God will be proved true, though all mankind prove false.”

Let’s illustrate this with some daily practical examples. If the doctor’s test shows you have an illness, hold firm to the truth “by Jesus’ stripes you have been healed.” Say to yourself in that situation, “God will be proved true…” When finances are lacking for the bills that you see, hold firm to the truth that “My God supplies ALL my needs.” Say to yourself, “God will be proved true,” and force out the thoughts and resulting actions based on fears. When you have no idea how to resolve a tough conflict, hold firm to “If you lack wisdom, ask of God who gives generously.” Say, “God will be proved true.” In Jeremiah 33:3 God says, “Call to Me and I WILL answer you.” God will be proved true.

Alisa and I pray for “God to be proved true in your life and ministry!”

-Pastor Gary

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