Did I Do That?

As you read the four words in the title, you may have immediately thought of something you have done that you never want to do again.  We often use phrases to express the wisdom we have gained from certain experiences.  Have you ever said, “Hindsight is 20/20,” “I learned that the hard way,” or “I won’t do that again”?

Experience is a great teacher, but it can also degrade your faith.  There are times when we allow past experiences, both ours and those of others, to determine our reaction.  This is good in many situations.  However, there comes a time when you must change from saying, “Never Again” to “Nevertheless!”

Scripture is filled with “Nevertheless” statements.  Paul writes, “Nevertheless I live,” “Nevertheless I am not ashamed,” and “Nevertheless what does scripture say?”

I have recently spoken with so many leaders who are experiencing major struggles in their families and ministries.  Cares can quickly weigh us down and keep us from moving forward, so how should you and I respond?  The key is in the two phrases “Never again” and “Nevertheless.”

Let’s be challenged to say, “Never again will I allow past failures and experiences to hinder me, discourage me, or distract me from moving forward in life and ministry.”  “Though struggles come I will say, ‘Nevertheless what does scripture say?'”

Be encouraged today to know that your Father God has already addressed every struggle you could possibly face in His Word.  He wrote it clear and plainly for you so that you would not only be encouraged, but also be an overcomer!  Don’t allow the past to discourage you; instead, hold on faithfully to God’s promises even though what you see may fight against your faith.  Say, “Nevertheless, God says…” 

I pray that you have been encouraged through today’s memo and look forward to hearing from you of how God brings victory in your life and ministry!

– Pastor Gary

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