It Must be Monday – but that’s a good thing!

The cartoon picture on CMT’s eStore page today says, “It Must Be Monday!”  But, that’s a GOOD thing today!  (READ MORE BELOW)

Alisa and I are thrilled to be experiencing “Greater Things” in our ministries!  This has been an absolutely wonderful month!  I’ll highlight a few of the REMARKABLE experiences we have been having and then I have a MARVELOUS ANNOUNCEMENT for YOU below!

First of all, we kicked off the month by being treated to a week away at a spiritual renewal event that exceeded any we have attended in years!  It was a great time of refreshing and renewal for us!

Next, that refreshing started showing up in all other areas of our life and ministry!  The CMT websites have wonderfully been being used by new leaders from all across the world!  We have seen a spiked increase in friends joining CMT’s FB page!( And, many new friends joining us on Twitter.

Also, within this past month, our church has jumped 20% in attendance!  The times of worship and seeking God around the altars have been dynamic!

Add to these wonderful experiences the joy of both of us celebrating birthdays, including me being able to actually give Alisa a surprise party with her closest friends and family!

We are encountering an overflow of God’s presence in all of our lives and ministry!

I pray that you will also experience a tremendous outpouring of God’s power, presence, and Spirit in your life and ministry as well!  You are precious and valuable!  You are vital to Him!  You are central in His work!  God truly desires to work through you!  He desires for you to embrace His goodness and also have an abundance to share with others!

We love sharing in ministry with you!

– Pastor Gary

Now then, what about that “Must Be Monday” picture?

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