You Can Do More! Be MORE!

Looking around at the wonderful ways God is working through leaders just like you and I, stirs a greater desire for more!  Some would think that seeing great things being done would bring a sense of satisfaction.  In one way it does, but it creates in me the desire to do more and be more!

I pray that you will always want to be more of who God has created you to be.  I pray that you will continue to want to do more of the works God has prepared for you in Christ!

Early this morning, God brought my thoughts to Isaiah 45:8 as translated in the Amplified Bible.  It reads, “Let fall in showers, you heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness -the pure, spiritual, heaven-born possibilities that have their foundation in the holy being of God; let the earth open, and let them, the skies and earth, sprout forth salvation, and let righteousness germinate and spring up as plants do together; I the Lord have created it.”

I sincerely believe that each of us desire what the first part of this verse decrees.  We want to experience the life-changing showers from heaven above.  Still, within this verse God clearly shows us that He will pour out from the heavens, but we must respond by being open to receive and act upon it.  This is the very essence of God’s call to us.  God has called us to GO BEYOND in every area of our life, devotion and service.  He is looking for righteousness to do its work!  Yet, its work can only be fulfilled within our hearts when we are OPEN to be the person God desires and to do the work He has prepared.  For when the heavens pour out and when we are open to receive the life-changing power of His righteousness, then we will most assuredly experience the fullness of the ‘heaven-born possibilities!’

God’s heart is for you to receive BEYOND anything you have ever experienced.  God’s heart is for you to achieve BEYOND anything you have ever accomplished.  God’s call is for us, as His chosen priesthood, to go BEYOND!  Let’s open our hearts.  Let’s receive this outpouring.  Let’s experience the heaven-born possibilities!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary

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