NEW Cross Your Heart Paper Fold Lesson

NEW – Cross Your Heart Paper Fold Lesson

1 Piece of folded paper
4 Cuts with a pair of scissors
for discovering how to receive God’s GREATEST gift of LOVE!

With just a few folds and a few cuts, your piece of paper will be amazingly transformed into a cross and four hearts!  This special effect paper fold so simply and so profoundly presents the marvelous plan of salvation for all ages!  Use the cross and each heart to wonderfully illustrate 5 scripture verses that brings your group to the place of accepting God’s gift of love through Christ Jesus.

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NEW Heart of Hearts Lesson

Love is an essential part of every person’s existence. God never intended any person to live life without love, especially His love! This powerful lesson uses colorful candy heart cards to explore 6 different ways God expresses His intense love to each person. Your kids can reach new heights in their relationship with God by understanding the depth of God’s love for them! The illusion ends with a strong salvation message, explaining how Jesus’ death of the cross is the ultimate expression of God’s love, freeing them from sin’s harm so they can live lives loving God and being loved by Him. It’s the world’s greatest love story!Heart of Hearts

NO SKILL NEEDED for this wonderful Gospel magic object lesson!

Includes Cue Cards for easy teaching

Includes 2 sets of printable cards Jumbo and Stage size!

Heart of Hearts is Downloadable

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