Are You Valued?

Are You Valued? – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

I pray you realize that you are HIGHLY VALUED!  You are:

  • Created by God
  • Positioned by God
  • Purchased by God

These are three points from a 20 minute sermon by Pastor Gary titled, “Being a Person of Value.”  This sermon is a wonderful encouragement and also a powerful tool you can use to involve your church in your kids’ missions program.  Listen or download this sermon from the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault.  A supporting PowerPoint is included to assist you in using this for your ministry.

Did You Hear About the NEW Eye-Popping, Jaw-Dropping Lesson for Easter?

What is “The Power of The Resurrection” lesson all about?

This jaw-dropping fold-over trick cartoon by Rev. Greg L. Lichi brings a powerful message that Easter is about your spirit, the eternal part within you, being resurrected right now to a new life!

Your group will be enthralled to watch as you draw two soldiers guarding Christ’s tomb. Then, amazingly, as you fold the picture in half, it wondrously changes into the angel who said “He is not here. He is risen.”

If you have never tried Trick Cartooning, you are missing out on a wonderful teaching method sure to captivate the attention of your group.

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  • Why Should I Get Involved in Missions?
  • How Should I Feel About Sharing the Gospel?

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