What Was I Thinking? – Ministry Memo

What Was I Thinking? – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

While enjoying a marvelous conversation with one of my parishioners this past Sunday night, I started to ask a question. It seemed that the same moment at which I inhaled to begin speaking was the same moment in which my question completely vanished from my thoughts. Some may say that it is a sign of aging. Others may say suggest that it was due to being overly tired from more than 8 hours of ministry earlier in the day. But I truly believe that the reason was because I caught a glimpse of a small, preschool-age boy attempting to toss a basketball through a hoop and nearly making it. You can sum up the reason in one word — distraction!

Distractions create a number of challenges for each of us. Being consistently inundated with distractions will cause us to feel busy, yet make us unproductive. If you are like me, your day is overflowing with responsibilities, tasks, meetings, etc.   So, how do you keep distractions from causing you to become ineffective?

You must stay focused! Think about it for a moment. How much more effective would your ministry become if you were able to banish distractions?

Allow me to suggest a simple, yet seemingly contradictory, solution. Take a break! That’s right. Stop working for a few moments. Give yourself a break. Turn off your computer screen for a few moments. Put your smart phone on mute. Close the door. Get alone with your Heavenly Father. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Think about good things. In fact, think about things that are trustworthy, praiseworthy, pure, good report, lovely, honorable. Sound familiar? Let your spirit be lifted and your thoughts refocused.

I pray for you to experience God’s greatness and goodness in your life and ministry. I pray for you to be effective and powerful in everything you do. May all you do bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

– Pastor Gary

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