5 Things to Consider if You Are Going to be In Ministry

5 Things to Consider if You Are Going to be In Ministry – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

A friend shared this quote with me from John MacArthur this past Sunday. I have highlighted five keys elements that are imperative for you to consider as a ministry leader.

“No competent leader is going to be anxious to impress people with his credentials. Leaders who are truly able are qualified because of their character. They are easily identified, not by letters of commendation, but because of the influence they have on others. They are people who are confident of their calling, and yet at the same time, they know they are utterly dependent on God as the source of their true power. -John MacArthur”

The first focus word is ‘character.’ Character is a fundamental element for every leader to keep in the forefront of his or her everyday activities and duties. Not only will character define you, but character, both good and poor, will dramatically impact your effectiveness in ministry.

Your character is directly connected to your ‘influence.’ Why do people eagerly follow or support one individual more quickly than another? Why is it that some leaders appear to have to drive their teams much like cowboys drive cattle while other leaders simply move in a direction and their teams enthusiastically follow? ‘Influence’ is the main, deciding element between the two scenarios.

Also, consider the word ‘confident.’ Confidence in what you are doing and how you are doing it greatly determines how effectively you will get it done. But, take careful note here that there is a vast difference between ‘confidence’ and ‘arrogance.’ Confidence is certainty with a large measure of humility attached. Arrogance contains a growing component of pride, sinful pride.

Next, you will notice the word ‘calling’ is underlined. Though all believers are called, scripture teaches us that there are also certain callings such as an apostle, pastor, evangelist, teacher, etc… which are in addition to the call as a believer. At times, you will see ministry leaders struggling because they have misunderstood this. I personally know individuals who believe God called them to a specific area of ministry but they failed to follow through. I also know individuals who tried to take on a calling that was not their own and have experienced tremendous difficulty. Realizing God’s calling on your life and then placing yourself ‘willingly’ and ‘obediently’ in that area will build confidence and effectiveness.

Lastly, consider the phrase ‘utterly dependent.’ There are so many ways this could be discussed. The essence of this is simple. Never rely upon your own strength, insights, talents, or abilities to minister. It is true that God gave them to you to carry out the work of the ministry. Nevertheless, your strength is obtained when you utterly depend upon God. Empty yourself before God each day. Acknowledge your total and absolute dependency upon Him. As you do so, you will experience new strength and new effectiveness in what you do.

I encourage you to print out John MacArthur’s quote as a reminder for you to vigilantly be attentive to your character, influence, confidence, calling, and dependency on God.

-Pastor Gary

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