Ministering With Purpose

Ministering With Purpose – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

Do you want to have the greatest impact possible this coming Sunday?  Of course you do!  Let’s focus today on something that will make a difference in how we minister and accomplish our purpose for ministry.

First, let’s mention a couple of foundational points.  Keep yourself in God’s Word.  Be constant in prayer.  Let the Holy Spirit draw the hearts of people.

Now that the foundation is set, what do you do to minister with purpose?  CLEARLY COMMUNICATE!  Though that seems obvious, many times we fall short of properly presenting the gospel because we become so focused on methods or creative illustrations.  When the focus is more about how the message is being presented than the message itself, an unbeliever may miss out on the purpose of what you want them to understand.

Consider that especially during Easter, you will have un-churched people in your services.  The purpose is for them to understand the amazing love of God and believe on Jesus Christ as Savior.  Remain focused on the purpose!  Give special attentiveness to properly and thoroughly communicating the message of salvation.

I pray a special anointing of God’s Holy Spirit over you this week as you minister the greatest gift this world has ever received!

– Pastor Gary

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