Do What A Leader Has To Do

Do What A Leader Has To Do – Ministry Challenge from Pastor Gary

Do you realize that carelessly handling the tasks and responsibilities which you are to focus upon and personally undertake may cause unnecessary and unpleasant consequences?  Have you been delegating items on your checklist which you should directly take care of to others?  Have you thought about doing so in order to lighten your work load?  Be sure to check out this week’s Leadership Challenge at

Take Time for Mom – NEW Gospel Magic Object Lesson

With children having so many options of how to spend their time: Internet, friends, texting, television, school, church, etc…; they need to be reminded of how important it is to spend time with their mother. This is an extremely easy-to-do and creative effect where your volunteer makes their own choices and still ends up selecting the focus card ‘Mom’ as they learn both Biblical and practical reasons to “Take Time for Mom!”

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