Ministry 3.0 Unlimited Edition

Ministry 3.0 Unlimited Edition – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop by your local Christian bookstore and pick up the latest version of ministry? Imagine a suite of tools, insights, talents, resources, and volunteers all bundled into one conveniently priced packet. As Larry the cucumber may say, “Oh, that’s just silly.”

Doing the work of the ministry is more than knowledge or skill. It is more than having all of the tools or workers. It is more than numbers and statistics. Doing the work of the ministry begins first in YOUR heart. God has chosen YOU to do the work of the ministry. So, the first step toward carrying out that work begins within YOU. You and I are wells of Living Water, water that pours life into those around us. So, the well that overflows from us must be pure, upright, blameless, untainted, and holy before God, that will only occur as we completely humble ourselves before our gracious Lord.

Over the past 26 years of full-time ministry, God has given me the opportunity to work along side some wonderful men of God and great leaders in His church. God has shown me first hand what it truly means to be a ‘shepherd.’ Again, early this morning, God challenged my thoughts with a few short scriptures from Ezekiel 34 on this calling of a shepherd.

Ezekiel was moved by the Holy Spirit to speak very straightforwardly and unashamedly about leading God’s people. The main point I wish for you to consider today is that ministry is so much more than the how-to’s or resources. Ministry is all about the people! Ministry is not just about the vision; it is about the people who carry the vision!

When our focus concentrates on the how-to’s, resources, vision, or atmosphere more than the people, we may unwarily be walking along the path Ezekiel describes in 34:7-12.

Let me challenge you to remember that you are in the ministry for the people! Consider how many prayers of Christ and Paul reflect their sincerest love for those to whom they were ministering. Let us be imitators of Christ.

-Pastor Gary

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