Creating Life Moments in Ministry

Creating Life Moments in Ministry – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

This past weekend, I had several ‘life moments’ which touched the very center of my heart.

On Saturday, our church hosted a regional talent event for kids. Throughout the day, kids in my ministry were constantly coming up to me to excitedly share the experiences they were having. At one moment, one of our kids was on the platform singing a solo. She caught a glimpse of me and gave me a wave during the middle of her song. My spirit was moved that day, not by the number of attendees or the variety of presentations but by those personal moments of relationship with my kids and workers.

Let’s segue to Sunday morning. After a severe storm moved through Saturday, I discovered that the projector in our kids’ worship room was not working properly. I decided we would move to the fellowship room for service. Then, I was informed that the air conditioning was not functioning properly in that room. So, I decided to drop all of the video projection from the service. We used the “Do You Believe?” lesson and experienced one of the most wonderful services with the kids this year.

I share these two examples with you to remind you that our most effective ministry comes from investing in relationships.  Too many people are spending life instead of investing it.  In Psalm 90, Moses brings our attention to the brevity of life and the importance of how we use our time. Let me challenge you to invest your life and time into relationships. When you remove the media, programs, resources, what do you have left? – The People!

To reiterate, “Focus less on what is being done and more on who it is being done for.  Invest yourself, your time, and your calling into your people! Focus on the relationships God brings into your life and ministry!”

–Pastor Gary

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