THE List EVERY Children’s Minister Should Make

If you haven’t done so, it’s time to make your list! – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

While teaching this past Sunday night, our class discussed the making of a “To Be” list as compared to a “To Do” list. Have you ever made a “To Do” list? If you are like the vast majority of pastors and ministry leaders whom I know, then your “To Do” list is ever growing and very seldom blank or caught up.

It is important to be organized and have reminders that keep us on track in accomplishing life’s tasks and the work of the ministry. Yet, there is something more important than your “To Do” list.

I want you to consider what it would be like for you to create a “To Be” list. Have you truly asked yourself what you want “To Be”? We have shared together before that God has already instilled within you talents, abilities, and insights for you to use for His glory. How can you best use those gifts? How can you discover and experience the fullness of God working through your life? It is my prayer that you promptly realize that God is so much more interested in ‘who you are’ than ‘what you do.’ Your fullest joys will come from ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’ Yet, many leaders focus so much more on ‘doing’ that ‘being’ becomes neglected.

Let me challenge you to create a “To Be” list. Consider, do you want to be a good preacher, a person of integrity, an insightful counselor, a patient parent, a trustworthy friend, or a faithful employee? Will your “To Be” list include things like, To Be closer to God, To Be one who rightly divides the Holy Word, To Be slow to speak and quick to listen, To Be honest and loyal, or To Be a soul winner?

I truly believe that God has already put certain desires in your heart and goals for you to reach for that you may not yet realize. Creating your “To Be” list will help your spirit be more sensitive to His Holy Spirit as He leads you to “becoming all that He wants you to be!”

– Pastor Gary

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