A Children’s Ministry ‘Pick Me Up’!

A Children’s Ministry ‘Pick Me Up’! – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

As I write this short note to you this morning, our country is celebrating its Independence Day.  It is a marvelous blessing to live in freedom; yet, it is a FAR GREATER BLESSING to be spiritually free and alive in Christ Jesus!

As ministry leaders, we usually use our freedom celebrations as illustrations to teach our kids about ‘Freedom in Christ.’  This is a powerful correlation.  My question to you this day is, “Have you taken a moment today to reflect upon and express your thankfulness to your Heavenly Father for the new life you have in Christ?”  Many times we become so busy with the work of the ministry and the cares of life that we fail to express our gratefulness or cherish all which Christ has done for us.

You will recall in Luke 10 Christ tells His followers of the great deeds they can do through His name; then He tells them that there is a decidedly more tremendous experience for them to rejoice in and focus upon.  He tells them to rejoice that their names are written in heaven!

I am sure you are celebrating the wonderful turn out for your holiday weekend activities and services.  It is thrilling to see these God-given opportunities come to fruition.  Now, let’s bring our full attention to that which by far surpasses.  Let’s joyously worship our Savior for the liberty we celebrate through our new life in Christ!

Alisa and I bless you, your family, and your ministry in the holy and precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

–Pastor Gary
Children’s Ministry Today