What Else Could I Say? – from Pastor Gary

-Memo for Ministry – “What Else Could I Say?”
– C.M. Job Openings
– New Christmas Gospel Magic Lesson
– Don’t Forget to Use Your Free $10 Gift Card

“What Else Could I Say?” -Memo for Ministry from Pastor Gary

As I write today’s memo for ministry, I realized that there are some leaders who have now been reading the CMT eNewsletters for 15 years!  The first newsletters began in late 1995 and arrived in your email box with the subject line Children’s Ministry Today’s Update.  At that time, CMToday was using some free website space provided through AOL.

THANK YOU for supporting CMT’s ministry these 15+ years!  Thank you for allowing us to remain an integral part of your ministry!  Thank you for building CMT’s ministry!  Your words of encouragement and appreciation are a continual source of refreshing which God uses to keep us focused and moving forward!  Your purchases through CMT’s online store help tremendously.  Those of you who send gifts and donations (and you know who you are) remain faithful to God’s voice and continue to be a blessing to this ministry!

So, ‘what else could I say’ to express our deepest and most sincere appreciation?  THANK YOU!

Now, here’s something I’d like to know.  How long have you been reading CMT’s eNews?  Please let me know by taking the Poll in the left column of our new Children’s Ministry Today’s Marketplace.  I know it’s a poll, but it means a lot to us to know how long you have been partnering with us in ministry!

–Pastor Gary

Children’s Ministry Job Opening

Salem First Baptist is looking for a Director of Children’s Ministry – More Info Here

Pointing the Way to Jesus – NEW Christmas Gospel Magic Lesson

In this wonderful Christmastime twist on the all-time classic three-card repeat illusion, you beautifully illustrate how the star and angel pointed the way for the magi and shepherds to find Jesus.  As you continue, your group discovers that the cross also points the way for us to find Jesus.