Being You…PRICELESS! – Encouragement from Pastor Gary

There are  moments in life and ministry when we need to step back and look at ourselves through the eyes of someone else. So, today I am inviting you to be encouraged and uplifted as you see yourself through a different perspective.

When we look into a mirror, we tend to notice every blemish. We see scars and are reminded of the pain we experienced at the moment of injury. Our thoughts go to the foolish decisions, mistakes, and misspoken words from our past experiences. Slowly, we degrade and devalue ourselves. Moments like this are, for many, a frequent occurrence. When outside pressures are added to such inward judgments, we begin to feel, not only discouraged but, hopeless as well. We must see ourselves for who we truly are and the priceless value we have.

Over the years, I have joked with my father-in-law of how he treats certain objects. A typical scenario is that he may have a damaged video tape camera sitting in his study. You know the type; it records onto a VHS tape, is about as large as countertop bread maker, and weighs slightly over 30 pounds. (Okay, it weighs less than 30 pounds, but after holding it on your shoulder and peering through the viewfinder for about 5 minutes it feels like it weighs over 30 pounds.) So, the camera is broken. I say, “Why not throw it away.” He responds, “It works great. It only needs one small part replaced.”

I see something that is discardable. He sees something of value. Why? Because he OWNS the camera and I do not.

Are you feeling discardable? Are the outward pressures causing your inward perspectives to be skewed? If so, then remind yourself of the AMAZINGLY TIME-ENDURING TRUTH! You belong to God! He values you! You are more precious to Him than you can ever imagine! He has purchased your for a purpose out of His great LOVE FOR YOU! “He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for you, will He not also graciously give you all things (Rom.8:32)?”  He looks past the surface scars, mistakes, and poor decisions and commands you to do so as well, “Forgetting what is behind…(Phil.3:13).”  He looks into your future. Do you know what you are to Him? You are PRICELESS!

So, the next time someone asks, “What’s it like being you?” You can emphatically answer, “PRICELESS!”

-Pastor Gary


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