3 Questions from Pastor Gary

Question 1

Are you as busy as I am this week? This Monday morning was definitely a morning that I really wanted to sit back and take a long break away from everything. However, it ended up being a full morning of phone calls and all sorts of details that needed to be attended to. At about 2:00 pm, I got a short break, leaned back and thought, “I am so thankful I started today with you, Lord.”

It can be a strong temptation to start the day tackling your ‘To Do’ list. Let me encourage you to begin each day with some one-on-one time with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is more than important, it is vital to your health, your life, your family, your ministry, etc… You will quickly discover how He prepares you for each day. This morning, He kept speaking to me about how He leads and guides. Wouldn’t you know it. Before noon, I had talked with three people who needed to hear that word. Our Savior is amazing!

– Pastor Gary

Question 2

Did you listen to or read the latest podcast at GaryLinn.com? Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken is a great leadership thought that I am sure will challenge you.

Question 3

Have you seen the new “What If…” lesson? It helps you lead your kids to discover the answers to these four questions.
-Why is it important for me to know what God’s Word says when I’m at school?
-Why should I stay away from evil?
-How do I guard my heart?
-How can I be an example to my friends and teachers?