What’s Behind the Mask?

What’s Behind the Mask? – NEW Lesson from CMT!

Here is a PERFECT Salvation Magic Object Lesson for your parties and special events, especially this time of year with all of those costume characters running around.

You will use these drama masks to represent the masks we wear by saying and doing things that hide the person we truly are on the inside. (Your topics include: Truth, Fear, Anger, Pain, Self, Motive) Your volunteer freely selects a card.

What's Behind the Mask? Salvation LessonYour group will then discover how God sent His Son to earth to become our Savior and put an end to the harmful masks we wear as you reveal your volunteer’s selected card is JESUS!


  • 7 Printable Cards
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Fully-Scripted Lesson

It is downloadable from the CMTM! http://childrensministry.org/estore/whats-behind-the-mask-salvation-lesson/

PS – Also, the FREE Lesson Giveaway changed today to the “Powerful Cut & Restored Rope!”


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