Can You Really Make The Change?

– Can You Really Make the Change? – from Pastor Gary
– By the End of the Week You Will See…

Can You Really Make the Change? – from Pastor Gary

I wish to share with you about three separate conversations God placed me in this past week. Each conversation was with a different person. Each conversation was in a different situation. Each conversation was initiated by the other person. Yet, all three conversations focused on the same thought.

Usually I prefer to lay some groundwork for our topic but, today, let us get straight into it. Today is a day for us to consider “FIRSTFRUITS.” What does that term mean to you? Of course, we know it is in the Bible in Nehemiah 10:35 where the Levites are expressing how they will carry out their duties. The concept of “FIRSTFRUITS” is also seen in the principle of tithing. This is ultimately expressed through God’s “FIRSTFRUITS” gift of His “FIRSTBORN” Son’s sacrifice. How does this topic actively work out in our lives?

Consider that each day is filled with “FIRSTS.” As you awake in the morning, you have your “FIRST” glimpse of the day. Followed almost immediately by your “FIRST” thought. You will experience your “FIRST” word for each day, “FIRST” bite of something to eat, and “FIRST” activity for the day.

You can easily carry this concept of “FIRSTS” over into your relationships and work. So often conflicts, struggles, and disappointments come into our relationships and work because we have not fully grasped the principle of “FIRSTFRUITS.”

“FIRSTFRUITS” means that Father God is “FIRST!” He receives the “FIRSTFRUITS” of your life and ministry. Yet, “FIRSTFRUITS” continues because God set up a structure, a Divine Order, for your life. He has put certain people and responsibilities into your life that must receive the “FIRSTFRUITS” of your attentions. (For example – You are standing in the middle of a room. If three people simultaneously call out your name– your spouse, your child, a parishioner –to whom do you turn? This shows your choice of “FIRSTFRUITS.”)

If something is out of place in an area of our “FIRSTFRUITS,” it will hold us back in life and ministry because it is going against a Divine Order which God has set up. Sometimes, we muddle up the other “FIRSTFRUITS” areas of our lives.

After Father God,…

  • who receives the “FIRSTFRUITS” of your time?
  • who receives the “FIRSTFRUITS” of your energies?
  • who receives the “FIRSTFRUITS” of your finances?
    (your spouse, your children, job, ministry, friends, parishioners)

The most obvious question comes, “Can you really make the change?”. When you become focused and make a quality decision to change your life and ministry to align with God’s design of “FIRSTFRUITS,” you will begin experiencing a new freshness and freedom.

-Pastor Gary

By The End of the Week You Will See…

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Pastor Gary