Sharing a Miracle from God with You

My soul leaps with joy and my lips shout His praise as I celebrate God’s miraculous answer for Debra Field, one of our CMT eNews readers! God moved His mighty hand and met her need within 8 hours! Briefly, here is her story.

Earlier this week, Debra opened her CMT eNews email to read the “Experience God’s Possibilities This Christmas” word of encouragement. As finance director for an organization in Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea which is at the forefront in the fight against HIV/AIDS, she had been facing a major financial setback. The donor who sponsored the entire Adult Literacy program of their organization was unable to do so. Another donor was considering doing so, but then Debra received word that the tentative donor would not make the decision until next March. Debra shared with me, “I now have the inevitable task of informing the staff and students that the Adult Literacy program will be on hold at least until March (if our submission is successful) or indefinitely till we secure another donor.”

Though the situation appeared overwhelmingly discouraging, Debra’s faith was stirred up with the scripture and challenge in the CMT newsletter. Like Joshua facing the setting sun, Debra wrote, “I am now refocused on the awesomeness of my God with my faith firmly set within Him.”

She sent that email to me at 6:06 pm EST. Her faith was increased, yet she did not realize at that moment that God would meet her need in less than 8 hours! She wrote again at 1:56 am to share God’s miracle with us! “I have a great and mighty God and His hand is not short when it comes to His children.” An organization in Australia picked up the donorship and is going to fund the program for all of 2012! Debra, her staff and students will be celebrating their Christmas break with the active realization of God’s power doing the impossible for them!

Debra’s closing words to me were, “Thank you for your encouragement. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!! I needed to refocus on where my help comes from … my heavenly Father of course!”

Be encouraged today to know where your help comes from…your heavenly Father loves you!

I continue to pray for your heart to be moved, as Debra’s was, to believe for God to do what you have felt to be impossible! I pray for you to experience “superabundantly, far over and above” what you are asking and bring your answer!

–Pastor Gary

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