Be Full of Faith!

Encouragement for You from Pastor Gary

The following four words had such a remarkable impact on me last evening, and as they echoed in my ears, I knew that I must share them with you in today’s encouragement. As I was leading a study on how God describes our faith, we came to Acts 6:5 where it describes Stephen; “Stephen, a man full of faith.” I asked, “What does it mean to be full of faith?” One of our ladies responded, “No room for doubt.”

This is such a simple explanation, yet, so profound for you and I to consider. Whether it is a glass full of milk, a car tank full of gasoline, or a person full of faith, when something is full, and I mean completely full, there is no room for anything else to be added. This is a wonderful challenge for you and me today! Let’s be FULL of Faith! Let’s be so full  of faith that when our human nature or the enemy of our soul comes along with thoughts of doubt, there is simply no room for those thoughts!

If you have doubted God’s promises over your life, then fill yourself up with faith so there is no room for doubt.  Meditate on God, His Promises, and the Work of Christ!

From the innermost part of my heart and soul, I desire for you to be encouraged and filled with hope as you look forward in great expectation to see God move in your life! As I write this short note, I am praying for the Holy Spirit to quicken within you a renewed realization of God’s presence with you and His provision for you. Let there be a light of faith that fills you, your day, and all you do!

-Pastor Gary

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