What Are You Expecting This Year?

I am literally AMAZED to see what God has done and continues to do in our lives and ministries! My mind’s eye clearly sees so many vivid pictures of the last months before leaving Naperville, IL in 1995 to launch out into Children’s Ministry Today. Can you believe that this year is the 17th year for CMT being online? Then, looking over this past year, there were so many changes in which we continue to celebrate God’s goodness, guidance, and power! When I reflect, it challenges me to look forward with GREAT EXPECTATION! From the core of my being, I am sensing a powerful move of God through our lives this year! It is more than exciting! At moments, we can barely contain the expectation without giving a loud shout of praise!

I encourage you to expect God’s greatness in your life and ministry this year! What are you expecting? What has God already promised you? Is there a vision or dream which you are awaiting to see fulfilled? Let His Spirit stir up within you a GREAT EXPECTATION for this year!

-Pastor Gary

Here is a NEW 10-15 Minute Lesson PERFECT for this New Year!

Turn Over a New Leaf” – Lead your kids in taking their relationship with God to a new level! The lesson challenges your kids to be committed to discovering God’s ways and goals in Scripture and through the voice of His Spirit.

Volunteers from your group will freely select four cards to set aside from a group of five cards, each picturing a large leaf. Turning over each of the four leaves reveal large, humorous emoticons which you use to discuss four poor choices/lifestyles from the past that must be changed by “turning over a new leaf.” Finally, you turn over the last chosen leaf to reveal a new lifestyle of obedience and friendship with Jesus.