Experience God’s Favor in Your Ministry

Throughout the years, we have shared together in ministry with you over the Internet and through conferences. Most of what we have shared has focused upon practical ministry ideas, ministry opportunities, words of encouragement and challenge. I believe that today’s eNews is focused on a word of encouragement for you from a fresh Word that God has placed in my spirit to speak over you, your life, family, and ministry.

For the past few months, God has been directing my heart toward looking for His divine interaction in my life. He has challenged me to “arise to a new life” (Isaiah 60:1), to expect “heaven-born possibilities” (Isaiah 45:8 AMP), to see “open doors He has placed before me” (Revelation 3:8), and experience this year as a “year of the Lord’s favor.” (Isaiah 61:2) I believe this word is one He has given me to speak over you as well. God’s desire for you, His child, is to show His delight through you this year. His anointing is at work to proclaim His favor on you, to bring you freedom and release, to give you comfort, to place upon you beauty and joy as your life and ministry display His splendor. Your All-Mighty, All-Knowing, and Ever-Present Father God is supplying all that you need to rebuild, restore, and renew every area of your life. As you go forward doing His will, you will receive, inherit, and REJOICE in all He is doing. (Isaiah 61:4-7)

Let’s rejoice together knowing that our God has brought us into a new covenant with Him through Jesus Christ and will cause His ‘shown delight’, that is His ‘favor’, to be manifested in our lives during this year of 2012, a ‘Year of the Lord’s Favor.’

-Pastor Gary

Your Resolution Solution!

Each of us want to do our best in effectively ministering to those God has given us to shepherd. It is our utmost desire to bring each one into a closer relationship with Father God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We just added a new page to the CMTM titled “Featured Lessons.” Currently, on the Featured Lessons page, are 8 Great Lessons and Resources to assist you in leading your kids in becoming more like Christ.   http://childrensministry.org/estore/featured-lessons/