Do You Need Help In Your Ministry?

Currently, I know of several ministry leaders and churches that need help for their ministry. Some need funds, some more volunteers, some are looking for new resources, and still others are seeking creative ideas for outreach and growth.

What do you need help with?

During my quiet time with the Lord this morning, He showed me a particular verse in Isaiah 41 where the Lord simply, straightforwardly, and so eloquently says, “I will help you.” Right in the middle of verse 14, God reassures us that He, Himself, will help us when we need help. Let this become even more than a powerful encouragement for you. Look at this verse through the eyes of your faith to see that your God, Who has redeemed you, Who has filled you, Who has healed you, Who has protected you, Who has called you, and Who is at this very moment preparing a place for you, will be your help! Whether you need more laborers, more resources, or more funding, He will supply all that you need! He is speaking to you this day saying, “I will help you.”

So, what are you waiting for? Let Him know the help you need. Be specific and place your need in His hands. He will provide!

I pray for you to experience His help this very day!

-Pastor Gary

Planning Ahead? 4 Holidays in the Next 12 Weeks!

How time flies when we’re having fun! Right? Can you believe that Valentine’s, Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter are just around the corner? Just in case you have not seen it, the CMTM website has a page dedicated to Holiday lessons, games, etc… You will find all sorts of creative ideas for your holiday lessons and activities at: