Is There God-Space In Your Service?

My heart joyously expressed, “What a marvelous blessing!” The other day, Alisa and I were wonderfully blessed with a precious gift, a beautiful sofa! We needed to go pick it up and bring it to the house, but, before doing so, we first prepared a place for it in the living room. Possibly the best expression to use is “we made room” for it. If we had not prepared a place for it ahead of time, but simply carried it in and sat it down, it would have appeared to clutter the living area. By moving a table and a few other pieces of furniture, the sofa fit perfectly in the room. It has brought a new beauty to our home.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this with you. Yes, there is a parable-style illustration here for each of us to consider. “Do you make room for Christ to work through your ministry and services?” Most of us would almost instantly respond with a confident “YES” to that question. Our minds may reason, “Of course I do. I prepare a story. I use the latest interactive media methods for the classroom. Each week the children memorize scripture. I provide an upbeat atmosphere of energy for the praise time. We pray over requests. Yes, I make room for God in our services.” All of these are good, yet, think about the parallel. Let every segment of the service represent a piece of furniture. The room (your service) is filled with furniture (lesson segments). Is there any room left for God? God does not desire to be awkwardly forced into just an unused space. His desire is for us to prepare and provide the appropriate area in which His Holy Spirit is allowed to do more than just fit in. Make room for God’s Spirit in your services and He will bring a marvelous beauty into the life of the service and the lives of each person present.

Let’s be exhorted to “Make Room for God”!

–Pastor Gary

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  1. sara wattenbarger says:

    this is wonderful. At our church we believe in order and being ready with our lessons. But if the Lord moves you let Him move and don’t worry about the plan.