To Change or Not To Change

When you and I think of change, we often think of how quickly the world around us seems to change. I was reminiscing over a humorous story that took place a few years back when I was speaking at a conference; then, suddenly, I realized while retelling the tale that it occurred when it was the age of pagers instead of cell phones. Oh, how the story would have been different if a cell phone would have been available.

For the most part, most of us would agree that change is a good part of life. However, as I was quietly listening to the Spirit’s voice today, I heard Him remind me, “I change not.” Peace, comfort, and rest filled my spirit as I was reminded that our God does not change! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word is a solid foundation upon which I can stand. No matter what circumstances or distractions come our way, we have ONE reliable truth. We know that our God changes not!

If you need healing, then remind yourself that God has already declared Himself as your healer. Are you searching for answers, direction, or wisdom? Be assured that His Word directs your path. He gives wisdom when you ask. When you seek, you WILL find. Every promise in His Word is already answered. The answer is YES! Yes, I will heal. Yes, I will lead. Yes, I will comfort. Yes, I will provide. Yes, I will be there. YES!

Be encouraged today to know that God changes not. He will do all that He has declared to do in your life and through your ministry!

-Pastor Gary

We’re Getting Ready for Easter!

Last year Easter seemed so late in the calendar.  This year Easter seems just around the corner!  What are you planning to do with your kids this Easter?  The CMTM’s Easter Section has a marvelous selection of Event Day Services, Worship Services, Lessons, Games, etc… for Palm Sunday and Easter.