Why Stay Under The Pressure?

Throughout this year, we have frequently referred to the truth that God’s anointing is in us to live life through the power of His Holy Spirit. Let’s briefly remind ourselves of a few words God has given to us.

Christ came so that we may have real, abundant life. It is His anointing doing its work in us which gives us peace in the midst of life’s storms, gives us directions when we are at a crossroads along life’s path, gives us wisdom for life’s decisions, and gives us strength and courage for life’s challenges.

Still, there are times when it appears that we have forfeited our victory through His anointing and find ourselves held captive in a heavy yoke. What must we do?

First, let’s remind ourselves that the victory is already won and Christ has already provided freedom! Let me use the Apostle John’s words to remind you that “the anointing you received from Christ remains in you.” “His anointing teaches you all things and is real.” It is Christ’s anointing working through you that fulfills the prophet Isaiah’s words, “the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

So, what are you waiting for? Why would anyone decide to remain under pressure or a heavy burden when Christ has come to set them free and give to them real, abundant life?

Bottom Line: If you are feeling as though there is a yoke placing a choke hold on you today, you do not need to remain in that pressure. Proclaim the power of Christ’s anointing over your life and watch that yoke be broken.

– Pastor Gary

Life-Changing Easter for Your Kids!

Throughout the years, there have been many jokes about how a person can find anything in a handbag—even the kitchen sink!

  • Kids keep everything they need in their book bags.
  • Business people have everything they need in their laptop bags.

The unique concept behind this illustrated lesson is that everything you need to tell the Easter story can be found in the everyday handbag! When these daily items are later seen, the children will be reminded of the details of the Easter story.

After experiencing “Easter in a Handbag,” your children will be able to easily re-tell the Easter story for their friends and family using the same everyday items!

  • Highly visual with object lessons & optional PowerPoint
  • Interactive Easter games throughout lesson
  • Clearly relates Jesus’ suffering for our sins
  • Positive emphasis on God’s love, power, & promises being unlocked for us through Jesus
  • Powerful salvation closing from Isaiah 53:5
  • 4 Bonus high-energy Easter games for an Event Day atmosphere