Got Victory? What Next?

In today’s word of encouragement, let’s focus together on continuing to live in and minister through the victories God has given us.

During seasons like Easter and Christmas when we are actively engaged in many extra activities, it is easy to stay motivated by keeping our eyes on the various projects we have going on. I’m sure that, as Easter approaches in just two Sundays, you are checking off the various details to make the most of this ministry opportunity. But, what about a day or two after the busyness subsides? What will happen when your adrenaline levels are a bit lower? It is during those times that many ministry leaders allow discouragement to slip in. The strength, focus, and victory that you will walk in then will be the result of what you do today.

Let’s use an illustration from Joshua. As Joshua led the Israelites to defeat the various kingdoms of Canaan, there were five kings who joined forces to come against Joshua. Joshua captured those kings. Then, Joshua had the men of Israel put their feet on the necks of those kings. I want you to get this picture clearly in your mind of the five kings being subdued and placed under the feet of those Israelite men. Let’s compare those five kings to five areas of victory God has already given you. Has God given you victory over illness, debt, bad alliances, poor relationships, doubt, fear, etc…? If you were to take a pencil right now to jot down five victories you have received, what would they be? Get those victories in your thoughts. Though those victories have already been given to you, there are times when those problems resurface. How can you keep the victory? You have to keep those problems in their place, under your feet! Illustratively speaking, put your foot on the throat of that problem and do not even let it speak. Do not even entertain those thoughts of discouragement and defeat! It is important to do this now, because the next time your schedule lightens up or your energies weaken, those problems will take advantage of the opportunity to come against you.

You have the victory! Keep it! Be who God has created you to be! Live as God desires you to live! Remind yourself that God has made you a ruler over the works of His hands, and put everything under your feet! (Psalm 8:6)

-Pastor Gary

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