Overcoming Your Circumstances

If I were to ask you, “What would you do under these circumstances?” how would you answer? Interestingly, people often use phrases without realizing what may be implied in the words they use. The phrase “under the circumstances” has been commented upon by many great leaders of the Faith, who have pointed out that believers should not live ‘UNDER’ their circumstances. The appropriate place for circumstances which come against a believer is under the authority of the believer through the power of Christ.

I have added a special 28 minute edition to the Intentional Leadership podcast featuring a message of God’s direction for handling undesirable circumstances as seen through Joshua 10.

Our desire is for you to live in victory. If you are feeling the weight of circumstances, be encouraged to listen to or download this podcast, “Under No Circumstances” at: http://garylinn.com/287/under-no-circumstances/

-Pastor Gary

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