Is This The Class You Registered For?

Does this scenario describe you? You are tremendously excited because it is your first time with the ‘new job,’ ‘new school class,’ ‘new restaurant,’ etc… The longer you are there, the more evident it becomes that it is not at all what you expected or how it was described to you. Your enthusiasm wanes. If it is a class or job, you will usually discover that, along with your excitement diminishing, your rate of success decreases as well.

We often experience failure because we become involved in situations without first and fully understanding what is expected of us.

I read some comments from a college professor which described how he approached the first day of the semester with his new students. He wrote: “I asked the students three questions. First, “Is this the class you registered to take?” Second, “Do you understand the requirements and expectations?” And third, “Do you agree to meet the demands written in the guidelines?” Finally, I asked the students to raise their hands to affirm their personal understanding and commitment–and all the students replied, “Yes!””

Having an understanding of what is required is your first step toward success. I want you to experience success in life and ministry. Your Father God desires for you to attain success in your life and ministry. You will realize success when you fully understand the guidelines laid out for you. Should you be struggling, ask yourself if you are in the right place. Do you fully know what God has asked you to do? What are the “demands written in the guidelines?”

-Pastor Gary 


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