More Than You Asked For

As you study verses such as 1 Timothy 1:14, John 10:10, and Ephesians 3:20, do they challenge your faith? Often we may read those verses and allow them to bring comfort or peace. Yes, God’s Word brings you comfort and peace but is that God’s purpose in writing these verses to you?

There is power in these words. Christ’s words of living an abundant life should do more than comfort you, they should challenge your faith and cause it to exponentially increase! God’s focus in these words is to cause your faith to be MULTIPLIED. He uses words such as SUPERABUNDANTLY, to remind you that His plans for you are HIGHER than your plans. He wants you to BELIEVE – SUPER-BELIEVE – that He desires more for you than you could ever desire for yourself!

Do you desire healing? God desires for you to experience COMPLETE HEALING! Do you desire wisdom? God desires for you to have PERFECT WISDOM! Do you desire restoration? God desires for you to undergo ABSOLUTE RESTORATION!

Explore the scriptures and you will quickly discover the pattern that God gives MORE than what was asked for!

Let your faith increase today!

-Pastor Gary

COMPLETE SET of 51 Cartoon Lessons

YES, they are back! I am thrilled to send out this announcement that we have Dave Winchell’s COMPLETE SET of 51 Cartoon Lessons featured in Children’s Ministry Today’s Marketplace!

Pastor Dave, is ‘internationally known’ for his remarkable talents as a Powerful Children’s Ministry leader, Ventriloquist, Gospel Magician, and Trick Cartoonist! He has trained 1,000s of leaders who now minister all around this world! (He is also one of my life-long friends and a mentor to me!)

I am really excited to have his ebooks back on the site and available for you to download today!

I made a page just to feature his “Drawing People to Christ” ebook series.

(NOTE: if you have never done trick cartooning, you should really add it to your ministry portfolio! – You do not need to be artistic. Anyone can easily present trick cartooning!)

Here is the page. You will notice that you will receive a DISCOUNT when you purchase the 5 eBook set!

(PS – In addition, you will also receive a FREE LESSON today with your confirmation email from the CMTM when you pick up Dave’s eBooks or any other lesson!)