Life Lesson from the Game of Pit

Have you ever played the card game, “PIT”? I recall the first time I played it. The air was filled with people calling out phrases such as: “1 wheat,” “2 corn,” “3 rye,” and “1 sugar.” It could only be described as organized chaos. The goal in PIT is for a player to exchange the variety of cards which they are dealt with other players in an effort to create a full set of a single commodity; i.e. a hand of all ‘sugar’ cards.

I was reminded of this game as I read James 2:18. Picture with me a group of believers sitting around calling out: “I have faith” or “I have deeds,” with a singular focus only on either aspect of one’s spiritual life.  There is a difference, however, between the game of PIT and the life of a believer. In contrast to PIT where the objective is to have all the same card, the life of a believer is to have a well-balanced mixture of “Faith” and “Deeds” for a healthy, effective spiritual life.

Be challenged today to discover new ways to demonstrate your faith by what you do and how you live! As your faith is accompanied by God-directed actions, your actions become the catalyst which “turns a sinner from the error of their way.” (James 5:20)

-Pastor Gary

Healing the Family is One More Step Toward Healing the World!

It’s a FAMILY Thing” is a wonderfully interactive service using the word FAMILY as an acronym to impart the God-given structure & purpose of the family.   [PERFECT for Father’s Day!]

Here is a short line-up of what is in store for your kids in this lesson!

  • – The Circle of Family Life -a “follow the bouncing ball” experience through Proverbs 17:6
  • – Riddle of the Day
  • – 8 Music clips for exploring the concept of the spiritual atmosphere in the home
  • – 2 team relay demonstrating how the family works together
  • – A clever object lesson demonstrating how love binds a family together
  • – The Toilet Paper Game motivating children to become a helpful, active part of their families
  • – Family Squares Review Game

This motivational lesson can be done with or without PowerPoint!

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