God’s Mighty Men!

Throughout Scripture, God has given us phenomenal examples of godly men who shaped, not only the lives of those around them, but often influenced their world.  Now take it one step farther, in that the lives of these Mighty Men of God were recorded in Scripture so that they still influence our lives today!

God’s purpose in giving us the examples of God’s Mighty Men is so that we will be changed, take on their God-given attributes, and become world changers like them!

This is not a sales pitch!  We sincerely believe this to be one of the most powerful kids’ ministry services we have ever provided for you.  As you all know, there are times when you write lessons just because one needs to be written.  There are other times when you sense an incredible anointing of the Spirit guiding your very words as you write.  This God’s Mighty Men lesson is one of those in which we felt a clear, powerful anointing as we wrote it.  It will even encourage, strengthen, and motivate you, the pastor/ministry leader as you read through it.

Wherever you minister, there is always the need for more people who will step up and follow the examples of these Mighty Men of God and live out these God-given attributes.  Give your kids the chance to grasp hold of the vision that they can each be like God’s Mighty Men and change their world!  We are putting this out at a time that fits incredibly well with Father’s Day-themed services and events, but, whether or not you need a Father’s Day lesson, this is a service from the heart of God that every group of believers needs to hear!

Mighty Men of God is purposely developed to be flexible for your situation

-It can be used with or without PowerPoint
-Large or small group
-Short or long service
-15 to 30 minute segment
-OR 1 hour service
-OR 4 week curriculum
-Cue cards for the teacher are also provided