Devotional Letter for Father’s Day

Here is a devotional letter that you can use, print, or email to the men in your church!

What makes a great man great?  It is most definitely his relationship with his Heavenly Father.  Our lives are saturated with great men of God who demonstrate their God-given character traits.  Consider some powerful men in our spiritual ancestry and the traits which cause us to recognize their strong relationship with the Lord.  Abraham was known for his faith.  Joseph persevered through overwhelming circumstances.  Moses’ leadership continues to lead us today.  Joshua was courageous.  Elijah was a mentor and Elisha a visionary.  David was a man after God’s own heart.  And Daniel showed us the power of being a man of prayer.

In everyday situations, we may not recognize the similarities between the men we know today and these mighty men of God from history; yet, they are all around us.  There are men in our lives who continue to exemplify faith, perseverance, leadership, and courage.  We rub shoulders with mentors, visionaries, men of prayer and men who love God with all of their hearts.

We thank our Father God for the great men He has used and continues to use to impact our lives and ministries. Let’s join together to lift up these great men in our prayers as God continues to work through their lives.  But let’s not stop there; let’s be challenged by their God-given examples to develop these same attributes in each of our lives so that we, too, will be used by God in powerful, life-changing ways.

Pastor Gary

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