-Personal Challenge from Pastor Gary

“Do you believe?” “Do you really believe that God will do exactly what He says He will do in your life and ministry?” I mean, “REALLY BELIEVE!”

There is a difference between KNOWING what God says He will do and BELIEVING that God will actually do it for YOU!

If you are struggling with doubts, circumstances, energy, motivation, difficult situations, etc., you most likely already know a scripture that will directly confront those doubts, circumstances, etc. head on. Yet, you may still be waffling along from day to day, just trying to get through to the next morning. Low joy, low satisfaction, low expectation, low peace.

Your faith level is directly related to your Word level. If your Word level is low, then your faith level will be low. Be challenged today to get into the Word. It will change EVERYTHING! The Word will change your faith. The Word will change your doubts, circumstances, motivation, joy, and expectation!

God not only wants you to believe what He has said He will do, He wants you to act like it and act on it!

Let me put it to you this way.
“The quickest way to GET OUT OF any situation or oppression is to GET INTO the Word!”

I’m praying for you!

-Pastor Gary

-REMARKABLE Valentine’s Day Outreach Service!

Since kids still hand out Valentine’s Cards at school, this is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to give your students cards which invite their friends to an outreach event for Valentine’s Day Sunday morning!

We hosted the ULTIMATE PARTY as an outreach for Valentine’s Sunday morning, the adults were thrilled to see how they could equip their children for such a great opportunity. They also absolutely loved the idea of using popular games kids already play to illustrate many Bible story parties. We are printing out enough Valentine’s Day cards for every child in our church to have 30 to take to their school parties. On the back side of the card is an invitation to the ULTIMATE PARTY. Imagine, every kid in my church inviting upwards toward 30 other children on Valentine’s Sunday morning! That really stokes the fire in my spirit! Best of all, the service will end with me inviting all those kids to the ULTIMATE PARTY of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! This is going to be an OUTSTANDING salvation invitation and will impact the lives of families all across our community! -Pastor Gary

The “Ultimate Party Big Day” Service is an excitingly fun ‘Special Event Day’ service that provides a bountiful supply of interaction, play, amusement, and exhilaration for your children as they explore 10 parties detailed in scripture.

After your group has thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, games, and relays, you will invite them to join you in the “Ultimate Party” through salvation in Jesus Christ.

for ANYTIME of the YEAR, but
PERFECT for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

Double-sided Valentine’s Invitation Card templates are included!

This event day includes: 10 games illustrating 10 Bible story parties- Quick Draw, Hangman, Pumpkin on a Plate, Categorically Speaking, Name That Tune, Riddle Me This, Doctor Doctor, Catch the Balloon, War, Hot Air Hoopla; Invitation to the ULTIMATE PARTY; and theme verse activity on Nehemiah 8:12, “So the people went away … to celebrate with great joy because they had heard God’s words and understood them.”

Three supporting PowerPoint elements also included for leaders who wish to use PowerPoint.  Pick it up at: